The University recognizes the students as the main reason for its continued existence. The University mission cannot be realized without adequate support from and co-operation with the student body. The University, therefore, attaches the necessary importance to the development of the student’s guild/body and Public Relation activities to build confidence among the prospective students and their sponsors.

Nile University has the Student Guild Government. This is a students’ government elected annually by secret ballot by the entire students’ body. It is headed by a Guild President who after election, appoints a cabinet. The Guild President is responsible to the Guild Representative Council which is the legislative body of the Guild.

This Guild Government of the Students has representatives in all the Committees of the University Council this makes it possible for the student body to take part at all levels in the  decision and policy making in the University. This is to incorporate students in the running of the affairs of the University and in a special way to be concerned with things that affect them.

The Organizational Governance Structure of the Students Guild is as follows:-

Student Union
The students’ body comprising of all official registered students’ of the University Campus shall be called and known as “NILE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS’ UNION” hereinafter referred to as “THE GUILD”
The headquarters of the guild shall be at Nile University Campus of Uganda Martyrs University at Ombaci.
The vision of the Students Union shall be:  molding and preparing the students for future leadership through democratic practices and good governance.
The mission of the guild shall be to promote and enhance the welfare of all its members.


  • To establish an efficient and effective students’ government.
  • To link the students and university authorities.
  • To link the members to sister institutions and the outside world.
  • To promote and maintain unit, harmony and cooperation among students’.
  • To encourage and promote the academic, social, intellectual and moral aspects of the students.
  • To negotiate with the governments and other stakeholders in matters affecting the Guild and it’s members through the University administration.
  • Unity, cooperation and collaboration among the students.
  • Building and promoting Qualities of leadership and good governance in the Student Guild Government and the University at large.
  • Help to grow in maturity  and effective handling of their Students' Affairs and interests.


Nile University is a Private University, with the aim of promoting quality education, academic excellence, professional practice, and integral growth and development.


A Center for quality education, and entergral growth and development

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Nile University is located in Arua District in the North West of Uganda 5km from Arua on the Arua – Moyo road on a 32.1 acre piece of land.

The University is open to both male and female students.