The faculty of Business Administration and management has been established to bridge the gap between managerial theory and practice. Its main tasks and responsibility will consist in providing a degree programme in Business Administration and management and offering such other certified management courses as may be determined by the University in future. The degree programme consists of 3 years of study on a full-time basis and runs on a semester format. However, a candidate for the degree of Bachelor of
Business Administration and management shall pursue approved courses of study for a period not less than 3 years and not more than 5 years. The main thrust of the faculty’s programmes aims to blend managerial theory and practice. Given this perspective, the faculty strive s to train students into graduates who understand and have internalized managerial theory. The student will also acquire useful managerial skills and attitudes which can be applied and adapted in relevant fashion to varied work scenarios.

The objectives outlined above will be achieved through a process which will consist of lectures, tutorials, private study, assignments, tests, seminars / workshops, field assignments and special projects. Students will, from time to time, participate in management skills development sessions intended to expose them to real – life management issues. These sessions are intended to train and enhance the student’s managerial insights, broaden their vision, and bring about appropriate behavioural and more appreciative, constructively responsive and increasingly positive in their respective environments.

In order to train an all-round graduate who  brings both managerial skills and good character to society, the faculty offers an appropriate range of courses including courses in ethics that lead to two broad specializations, namely marketing and management and finance and Accounting. These two areas are appropriately interlinked to ensure the formation of graduates who are management and business policy conscious practioners. The faculty is convinced that to produce an all-rounder it is important for students to all take as many courses as possible before majoring in either of the two areas. For this reason the faculty offers all courses in common until third year when students are then allowed to opt for courses leading to specializations in (A) accounting and finance or (B) marketing and management.

The primary focus of the faculty is on effective management and participation in organisations. It is expected that at the end of the three-year degree programme or nine-month diploma programme, the student will have acquired adequate knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to perform varied managerial tasks, in addition to holding responsible, decision-making positions in their employment environment or to initiate new business ventures.


Nile University is a Private University, with the aim of promoting quality education, academic excellence, professional practice, and integral growth and development.


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Nile University is located in Arua District in the North West of Uganda 5km from Arua on the Arua – Moyo road on a 32.1 acre piece of land.

The University is open to both male and female students.