NIU shall commit itself at all times to upholding its core values and principles as enshrined in its code of ethics and the members shall demonstrate the same in all their undertakings as highlighted below:

  • Professionalism: Observing an adequate level of professionalism while performing duties and professional ethics in every conduct.
  • Integrity: Developing and maintaining a high level of honesty and truthfulness in handling all duties.
  • Impartiality: Treating all stakeholders fairly, equitably and in a consistent manner while demonstrating virtue of courtesy and exercising a reasonable level of agility in transacting official business.
  • Faithfulness: Committing one’s time and effort fully to NIU institutional duties while demonstrating due diligence, self-motivation and smart working service.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness: Providing the right services timely to the clients while doing the relevant things and mitigating against wasteful use of institutional resources.
  • Selflessness: Making NIU a people centered University that provides an environment for corporate and individual realization while giving the client a primary focus.
  • Going Concern: Ensuring that NIU is run as a business entity with perpetual succession having visionary management centered on an entrepreneurial culture and improving the overall corporate image.


Nile University is a Private University, with the aim of promoting quality education, academic excellence, professional practice, and integral growth and development.


A Center for quality education, and entergral growth and development

Contact Us

Nile University
P.O.BOX 1070, ARUA, Uganda.
Telephone 1: +256 476 421541
Telephone 2: +256 476 421542
Telephone 3: +256 476 421932


Nile University is located in Arua District in the North West of Uganda 5km from Arua on the Arua – Moyo road on a 32.1 acre piece of land.

The University is open to both male and female students.