Nile University shall commit itself to upholding the following values and principles as enshrined in its code of ethics:

  • Developing and maintaining a high level of integrity in handling all academic, administrative and institutional assignments and upholding ethical values;
  • Observing an adequate level of professionalism and professional ethics;
  • Dealing with all stakeholders especially staff and students in a fair, equitable and consistent manner while exercising maximum impartiality;
  • Ensuring smart work and diligence in service;
  • Encouraging self-motivation among staff and students by identifying the major motivators and manipulating them to the advantage of all the NIUCUMU community;
  • Providing the necessary services to the clients and stakeholders while observing the importance of courtesy and exercising a reasonable level of agility in transacting official business;
  • Ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness by doing the right and relevant things rather than doing irrelevant things right.