There shall be a senate which shall consist of :-

  1. The vice - Chancellor, as Chairman;
  2. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor;
  3. The Deans of Faculties; the Directors of Institutes and Schools;
  4. All Academic Heads of Department;
  5. Two members of staff elected by the academic staff of the University, in accordance with such procedure as may be  laid down in the Statutes or as well as professional associations in Uganda as may be prescribed from time to time by statutes.

The registrar shall be the Secretary to the Senate and shall not vote on any matter at any meeting of the Senate.

  1. The Senate shall be held every Month as the   Chairman may appoint;
  2. The Chairman may, at any  time, call an Ordinary or Emergency meeting of the Senate and shall call such meeting within short notice or within ten days of receipt of a requisition for that purpose, addressed to him and signed by the least one-third of the membership of the Senate;
  3. one-half of the actual total membership of the Senate, at any given time, shall constitute a quorum;
  4. The Chairman or, in his absence, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor shall preside at all meetings of the Senate and in the absence of  both the Chairman and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for academic affairs, the members present and Constituting a quorum shall elect one of their member to be Chairman for that meeting only;
  5. The Chairman of the meeting of the Senate shall have an original and a casting vote.

    The Senate may:-
    a)   appoint any committee consisting of members of the Senate;
    b )  co-opt any person on any committee as it may deem fit;
    c ) Subject to such limitations as it may impose, delegate any of its functions to any such committee.     

    The Senate may authorize any committee appointed under clause  (4) of this article to act jointly  with any committee of Council.

    Subject to the provision of clauses  (3) ,    (4)   and    (5)   of this article, The Senate may regulate its own procedure and the procedure of any Committee appointed under clause   (4).

     The function of the Senate shall be, subject to the provision of these articles,   
    a)    To satisfy itself regarding the content from and academic standard of any course of study in respect of a degree. Diploma, certificate or other award of the University;
    b)    To make regulations regarding the eligibility of persons for Admission to courses and the actual pursuit of the examination in such course leading to the award of  a degree, diploma, certificate or other award of the University;

    c)    To make regulations with regard to the standard of proficiency to be attained by candidates in each examination for a degree, diploma, certificate or nay other award of the University;

    d)    To determine which candidates have reached the standard of proficiency referred to in the immediately preceding paragraph and are otherwise qualified for the award of the relevant degree, diploma, certificate or other award of the University;

    e)    To initiate proposals relating to the running of the University generally, including the organization of the academic year and its activities, the discussion of any matter relating to the University and the making of submissions thereon to the Council;

    f)    To submit to the Council, whether with or without prior request by the council, all draft Statutes, rules or regulations relating generally to the management of the University;

    g)    To make recommendations, under article   3  clause   (5)    (b)   to the council regarding the appointment of Deans, Directors and Heads of department;

    h)    To make recommendations to the Council regarding the establishment of new academic programmes, institution or organs and all matters connected there with, including staff and also regarding the establishment of academic associateship or connection with institutions of research or of a professional character or both;

    i)    To make regulations under any power conferred on it by the University council or generally and incidental to the functions of the Senate under these articles and Statutes; and

    j)    To submit to the Council, whether with or without prior request by the Council, requests for the interpretation of any legal or Administrative provision concerning or affecting the University.
    Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, the Council shall not initiate any action in respect of any matter falling under the original competence of the Senate and in particular, any of the matters mentioned under paragraphs   (9)a),    (b),    (c),    (d),   of the clause  (7)  of this article except upon receipt of a report of proposal there under from and by the Senate, and the Council shall not reject any such report or reject or amend any regulations so made without further reference to the Senate


Nile University is a Private University, with the aim of promoting quality education, academic excellence, professional practice, and integral growth and development.


A Center for quality education, and entergral growth and development

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Nile University is located in Arua District in the North West of Uganda 5km from Arua on the Arua – Moyo road on a 32.1 acre piece of land.

The University is open to both male and female students.