Nile University is a Private University, with the aim of promoting quality education, academic excellence, professional practice, and integral growth and development. It was an ambitious new University in the North-Western Uganda, promoting regional development and through its unique and practical programmes, especially, through the teaching of practical courses and modern Science and Technology, is an answer to the many challenges of humanity image. The history of Nile University dates as far back as 1860’s when St. Daniel Comboni had a plan of starting a University with four learning Centers in the Equatorial region and along the various coasts of Africa. “A plan of a re-birth or re-generation of Africa.” His famous slogan was, “Save Africa with Africans.” According to Fr. Salvano Renzo (RIP), St. Daniel Comboni had conceived this idea and plan of the university by around 1865.

On 27th August 2003 Nile University kicked off with its administration. On 24th September 2003, the first students of Nile University entered the University (53 of them) and started with Lectures. All the students of Nile University take foundation year in English, Mathematics, Computer Studies and Ethics. “Nile University is meant to be a Practical University based on Science and Technology”.

The need for a University in the region was long overdue, taking into consideration the historic problems that impacted negatively on human resources development, such as the keeping of West Nile as a labour reserve during the colonial era and the post-independence conflicts in the region. In addition, the region is very remote from the Capital City Kampala where socio-economic opportunities are much better.

With a population of over two million (2,000,000) and vast natural endowments, Nile University is established to meet the region’s development challenges. Like many good things, the start of Nile University has not been easy. It took a great sacrifice and determination of committed individuals in West Nile and elsewhere to take the University to the stage it has reached today.

Owing to the unique historic, geographical, social and economic situation of West Nile, the idea of a University was initiated. The University intends to have centers in the different areas of the region of West Nile and become a symbol for the unity of the West Nile people. It would solve problems that affect them and promote peace and development through teaching, research and community engagement and train the necessary manpower with the correct knowledge, attitudes and skills. As such it would also lead innovation, scholarship, preservation of knowledge and provide community service.

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Nile University
P.O.BOX 1070, ARUA, Uganda.
Telephone 1: +256 476 421541
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Nile University is located in Arua District in the North West of Uganda 5km from Arua on the Arua – Moyo road on a 32.1 acre piece of land.

The University is open to both male and female students.